Something to start off with

Being as I have just started this blog, I didn’t really know what my first post should be about. I figure then this should be where I say what I am all about.

I really enjoy making things, anything and everything I see has the possiblity to become something awesome. At the moment I’m really into up cycling things.
I make a wide range of textile, fashion and replica historical garments. Quite a mixture huh?
Even though I don’t live in the USA I am a massive fan of thrifting, I buy things all the time to make into really cute outfits. The trouble is finding time to make them into the cute things I visualise.
The reason why I wanted to blog about what I do is because I could talk the socks off someone and I would really like to showcase the things I have made. Also I would really love to see what people who don’t know me think of my stuff and have some creative people to talk to.
So hopefully as I get round to taking pictures and writing about things I have done and plan to do this site will get full of interesting things.


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