Project list

On days like today work really does get in the way of all the things I’d rather be doing. For instance I have to be here, trouble is its a nice day so there are no customers. Yet here I am.
Rationed free time is annoying, think of all the time you’ve had spare twiddling your fingers when really you could’ve been making the dress you always wanted.
Like seriously I want to make my dresses….
So that’s the first thing on my list:
1. Hippy van dress- this is the most exciting thing in the world for me. I have a big thing about hippy vans. I need one. Now. Neeeeed. For the dress however the fabric is just gorgeous and has little vans printed on it (you shall see when I post that project) I just need time, but it will be a 6 or 9 panel dress I haven’t made up my mind yet…
2. Green dress- I need to find the fabric first. It’s look is still formulating in my mind. But it’s gonna be great and casual, which we like.
3. Baby blue & lace dress- this is something I found yesterday on Pinterest. Man I love Pinterest. It caught my eye so much it has made the list instantly. I want one, now. sewing beacon
4. Buttons-

These little guys, there’s ten or twelve I forget, but I don’t know what I want to use them for but I know I want to use them. They’re pretty.
5. Lace facing top- I seriously just am in a making mood, this though makes me happy. It’s like a normal tank i guess but its got a lacy chest (not indecent chill).
6. Leather/denim jacket combo- I saw a picture on we<3it (fab site for time wasteing by the way) very good like Pinterest for teenagers I guess. Anyway I saw it and instantly my mind was whirring away, so I'd like to have a play. When I get the time.
7. Shorts- I want to make two pairs. Or try to, I've never tried making any. Lace/denim shorts- again Pinterest inspired. Floral shorts- I need to find the right fabric first but I know there's some out there…somewhere.
8. Tartan jeans- I want to find either a denim printed with a tartan design or like a stretchy legging style material, for some super hot, punk stylee, tight jeans. And why not?
9. Boots- I found a drawing of some Perisian boots from about 200ad Ish? I think. But they're just beautiful and I want to try and draft a pattern and make myself some because I can't cope without them my whole life. They just look so beautiful and comfy too:3!
10. Fabric pens- I want to try out my new Dylan fabric pens.. They're gonna be ace!


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