Do you ever get those moments in life when you are completely itching to make something but just don’t have the time? Or you’re not sure what to do first? Or you just don’t have enough motivation just yet?
Well it gets me all the time. Like I find myself incredibly busy…always.
Even though I do find not having time to make all the pretty things in my head pretty frustrating but drawing relieves it a little bit. Even if they are not a true representation of what I actually want to make.
I find fashion illustration fun.

This is one of my favourites, I haven’t made a skirt like this or the boots but I’m interested in experimenting in shoes. It’s always something I wanted to do. And hopefully something I can start to do soon, when the money flow allows me to buy some prettys:’)



I really really love shoes. Some of these are historical however shoes are beautiful no matter how old right?!

This drawing is something I’ve never really wanted to make, sometimes the drawings are just simply to look pretty. Excuse me for the quality it looks very edited because I had to darken it because of how light the pencil looked in the picture, same goes for most of the drawings on here. Bummer.
A few years back I discovered henna and to date really I have been interested in it. the cultural values and meanings fasinate me.I think it is a lovely way to make yourself and others beautiful. Because of this I started to design my own.

I apologise for the quality again but I wanted you to be able to see it.

Just an example of what I was drawing. What do you think?