Head band how to.

For this all you will need is:
15×15 plain cotton material background
15×15 lace or fine mesh co-ordinated to the background
Cut offs and little pieces of pretty fabric
Embroidery hoop
Sewing machine with free hand machining foot
Pretty button
And a long elasticated headband.

Cut and sew technique:
Taking your background fabric lay it out on a flat surface and spread over it all the little pieces of fabric. When you are happy with how it looks place the mesh or lace on top.
You can pin it in place to put it onto the embroidery hoop but that is not a necessity.
Once in the embroidery hoop place under the sewing machine and free machine hand embroider over the top in any wiggly pattern or style that suits you.
Take the embroidery hoop off the fabric. I suggest folding it first to see how it will look.
You can either take the four corners into the middle underneath the newly created pattern, or trim it into a circle first. Sew through the middle to keep it into place, then you can cut into the circle at intervals to make petal like shapes. Then sew the button into the middle of the side you have chosen to be the top, at the same time attaching it to the headband elastic ready to wear.
Here’s mine

What do yours look like? I’m going to start selling them also on etsy what do you think?




Dream catchers

Apparently dream catchers are hipster. I think not, I mean your tattoo is lovely right? But it’s an indie thing. Am I wrong?
Anyway the point of this is my friend and I were talking and she thought they were dead hard to make, thing is she was totally wrong. I made one (yes a small one with no complex designs) but I did make one in about 15-20mins. Impressive? Not really I’m sure there are a lot of people who could put me to shame.
But seriously, if you want to try its basically tying a series of knots round a circle and voila, perfection in a hoop.
I used an old plastic bracelet with some ribbon wrapped around it to make it pretty. And then just started experimenting knotting with a brown embroidery thread I had going spare.

This picture from google shows you basically what I mean and trust me its a dream to make. Sorry couldn’t help myself.
If the drawing is not making any sense there are hundreds of pictures and websites, step by step blogs and even step by steps on YouTube. If you would like a step by step let me know, I’d be happy to do one if required. I am going to try a more complex design soon, maybe I’ll post that.

This ones my first, undecorated but still pleasing to look at I think.

60s Marilyn Monroe dress

It was a few years ago when I first discovered up cycling and all the really awesome things that that meant I could do. I really think if you’re looking to make something you should look up JunkieStyling first because its mind blowing what they have created there -big fan.
Turning this old ugly bed sheet, old skirt, chair cover or balloon silk into something incredibly cute and wearable is a fantastic idea. Why isn’t everyone doing this already!?

This dress I made for my GCSE in textiles, but I still totally adore it and the best part is it wasn’t even that hard to put together. I’m not going to brag about having a high mark because that really doesn’t matter.
I don’t remember what pattern I used but it was your basic sixties style shift dress which I modified anyway -I shortened and slightly adapted it to get what I wanted from it.


For the face of Marilyn I used fabric paint and stencilled her on, at the back where the darts are her face has become a little bit pinched but she’s still gorgeous to me.
Front upper is made of a plastic coated poly cotton -there are no room for mistakes because the stitches show up luckily for me it went well.
At the back I didn’t want for it to be boring, I wanted the whole dress to stand out so I just made up a little bit of patchwork which worked out a lot better than I first thought. The colours seem to slightly clash but really work together and at the same time it’s not too busy. What’s not to like?