Recent make

Party’s are the perfect excuse to make pretty things in my book.
My mother bought me a skirt a few years ago and although the silk fabric was stunning the skirt just wasn’t anywhere near to my taste. But the colour is stunning. The weft is red and the weave blue so the most radiant purple is created and it slightly changes and kind of shimmers when you move. So I felt guilty in not wearing it and so I decided last week that I would make something that I would actually wear from it. (Really wish I took a picture of it before hand to compare to but never mind.)
I made the skirt into a little dress, straps resting just off my shoulders with a little bit of embroidery detail around the neckline. Then I made it fit the theme of the party I was going to slightly more by adding accessories, all I really cared about was the dress though.

Here you can see the free machine over the binding and the previous embroidery on the strap which I left in the other side is pretty similar.

The back -hemmed just a little longer than the front.

Boots: local shoe shop (Swansea) Belt: thrifted Sword: borrowed from my father(?)
You can’t see it but all my jewellery is from Topshop or H&M
Excuse the background, I don’t have access to the studio at the moment but I want to publish my things anyway.

The skirt then of the dress is nicely gathered in and to be fair there was nothing difficult in what I did. Binding is such a pain but that’s just me being lazy!